Excited to work with Aligned Clients?

Before you go any further let's have a quick heart to heart...

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You Did it! You’ve taken that big step to follow your calling & completed your professional training!

Now it's time to make your business real & find aligned clients.

There’s just one little problem . . .


Or rather, how do you do it without feeling frazzeled and frustrated?

Because all of these different strategies you’re trying while crossing your fingers and hoping this will finally be the magic bullet is seriously draining your energy.


If you're feeling the exhaustion that comes with busy-bee burnout syndrome...

Ok... that's not a real syndrome.

But it IS a very real thing! Especially for coaches and holistic practitioners, and healers and feelers of the world who actually give a shit about their work!

You might be using up a lot of energy trying to sift through your to-do list and at the end of the day, you feel like you've been so busy with nothing to show for it.

All the noise on the internet gets you confused and frustrated, feeling like everything was moving so fast except you.

You know from you're coaching experience that you shouldn't compare yourself to others, but how can you not? (We ALL do this.)

Everyone and everything seems to be moving at the speed of light.

You keep trying one strategy after another but can't seem to make sense of what is working, or what is not so you can say goodbye to it.

You try to do things exactly like other 'successful' coaches and online business owners you've researched . . . but you can't seem to gain traction.

You're armpits start to sweat a little bit when someone asks you who you work with. . . or anything about your coaching practice.

You KNOW getting your simple systems set up will make your life easier but every time you get in front of the computer you feel like it drains your energy. Plus it feels like there are so many to choose from that you don't know where to start.

And . . . you KNOW there has to be another way to build your business because what you've been trying isn't sustainable.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be like that.

When you have a strategy that simplifies what to do in what order (and how) while clarifying what comes easily and naturally to YOU, you realize something important:

When you combine the right action with your body’s internal guidance so you can approach every day with aligned energy, you’ll finally see true results in your business.

Sound like just what you've been searching for?

What will be helpful is SIMPLIFIED step-by-step path

to help you find and sign, aligned clients.

Here's what that looks like...

🔆 A Clear vision for your business so you can easily make decisions that are right for YOU and rituals to embody that vision on a daily basis.

🔆 A deep understanding of your ideal client and how to speak to them in your marketing so in their eyes you are the expert who has the solution to their problem (and so YOU get to work with people who light you up!)

🔆 Have simple systems in place so you have an easy way to onboard clients and GET PAID!

🔆 A rock-solid offer you are EXCITED to deliver so that your ideal clients feel there’s absolutely nothing out there that can compare.

🔆 A simple strategy to share your newfound clarity with the world by having a Launch Party, so that your business is finally visible to your audience!

Imagine no more mental somersaults jumping from one strategy to the next.

You’ve got a huge smile on your face.  You just finished a client session and those are always so much fun!

Plus you just came up with the BEST idea for a Facebook live!

Which happens pretty regularly, because you have the
time and space in your day to ground and focus yourself . . . and that always opens the floodgates for inspiration! 

Even though you’re hopping on a discovery call in 5 minutes, it’s not a problem because
you’ve got a super simple system that lets you keep your ideas organized and hit the ground running when it’s content creation time (which is already blocked out on your calendar).

You can relax into all of this because there are no more mental somersaults about why things aren’t working, and no stressing about what to try next. You already know:

. . . Exactly what the best next step is for YOU and your business.

. . . You’ll easily hit your financial goals and continue supporting your lifestyle of freedom.

. . .
Exactly who you serve, how to speak to them, and why your offers are an absolute no-brainer.

But where do I start?

How do you DO all of that?

You've probably tried doing some exercises to define your niche, but you're not 100% sure, right? You end up feeling too niched, or not niched enough, causing you to circle around those worksheets like hot coals that you're not sure what to do with.

You’re trying to set up the right tech, but you feel all over the place! Like you don't know what to focus on first, and you might spend days (or weeks!) on trying to figure out how to build and run a Facebook group only to feel like it’s draining for your energy- and you don’t like running groups!

And maybe you know the importance of the vision, but it feels foggy. Not being able to connect with it feels frustrating. If only you had a clear vision, then you could take steps to move forward. 

Carly Clark Zimmer

Hey there! I'm Carly

I help heart-centered coaches & holistic practitioners build a strong foundation in their business by focusing on essential systems and practices that will grow your clientele, your income, and your impact WITHOUT compromising your energy.

My background is in massage therapy. I was stuck and limited in the time-for-money trap for 10 years & I found coaching when I was on the verge of burnout.

That was six years ago. Since then, I rewrote the rules for my business and my life and decided to do things differently and tap into what my body was trying to tell me... and let that lead instead of hustling.

This is the feeling of freedom. 

This is the feeling of an ALIGNED business.

This is what will bring longevity to your business.

And these are the feelings and qualities I help my clients embody on their journey as they grow their heart-centered business.

If you're ready to do business differently

and You're DONE spiraling...

I want to invite you to join me in...

First 5 Logo

A step-by-step path to find & sign, aligned clients.

Your next client is waiting! Isn't that urgent enough?!

Your START FIRST 5 as soon as you join!

Our Program Overview

The Coaching Business Roadmap:

Nearly Every Business Coaching Program out there SKIPS the beginning first 2 phases!

What's worse... most business coaching assumes you want an empire! There's nothing wrong with that... but we invite you to get clear on the right size business FOR YOU so that you don't get sidetracked with unnecessary work... like growing an email list, and fancy funnels. You might not need those!



P i l l a r s

Clear Vision

Pillar 1: Creating Your Vision

You’ll learn how to create a clear vision for your life and business and implement a powerful practice to help you embody the business & lifestyle you want to create and how to stay focused on that vision instead of being pulled in a million different directions.

Embodied Marketing

Pillar 2: Embodied Marketing

You'll know with every bone in your body who you serve, how to talk to them, and how to create offers that land so you can talk about your coaching with confidence. This is the step that keeps many coaches swirling for years. But there is a simple, yet effective process to uncovering this golden question.

Align Your Tech Image

Pillar 3: Align Your Tech  

You CAN coach people without having fancy funnels!

I’ll share the essential pieces to have in place, and we will make sure all tech pieces are there to support your clear vision- not take you away from it!

If you feel disorganized around tech- we will simplify and streamline. If you love tech, we will make sure all of the pieces are working together!

✨ To make this module even easier for you to implement- you will have access to the BONUS Tech and Guide Resource Library with over 25 video tutorials which are broken down into small-bite sections so you can find exactly what you're looking for, and run with it! We are always adding to this library and you will have continued access to all updates!

Easy Offers

Pillar 4: Easy Offers

You must have a service, program or product if you're going to have a business! We want to make sure you love your offer so much that you're excited to shout it from the rooftops! We also want to make this offer clear and simple for potential customers to understand. So we are going to clarify, simplify, and create an Easy Offer that is FUN to deliver and the perfect solution your clients have been praying for!

Launch Party

Pillar 5: Being Seen and Sharing Your Work

This part takes both internal and external EFFORT. And... it does not have to be exhausting or lead to burnout, I'll show you a simple strategy that you can use to create a consistent practice around inviting people to work with you.

This is a great way to create a buzz and let people know about your business... a step most people FORGET and wonder why there are no potential leads! This is especially important in the beginning of your business, and it also requires you to do some inner work around allowing you to be seen and receive for what comes naturally to you.

Carly Clark Zimmer's Community

Don't worry... WE GOTCHYOU!

You will have a ton of support from myself, the team, and a safe, heart-centered, equity-centered community for you to do this work with others on the same path so you have an entire community cheering you on!

Coaching, Consulting & Heart-Centered Community!

Carly Clark Zimmer

Call Dates & Times

We have TWO Community Calls a month + Monthly Co-Working Sessions on Thursdays at 10 AM EASTERN.

Calls are typically 2-hours, recorded, and shared for you to review.

Graduates get to STAY in the Community! That means we have a kick-ass Heart-Centered Facebook community of coaches and holistic business owners that have already gone through the program ready to cheer you on!

LIVE Group Calls with Carly, and a heart-centered, motivated community of your peers!

This is not just an online course that you buy and then never open.

We SEE You! We reach out if you start to hide.
And we take pride in and put a ton of effort into knowing YOU!

The community calls are THE place to bring your questions and receive coaching from Carly, and support for your fellow community members.

Group calls are so powerful because sometimes we don't think to ask certain questions that might open up whole new possibilities for our life and business! It's also the place to where you start to realize YOU'RE NOT ALONE! You never know what ideas might be SPARKED from other members of the community!

Many of our members go on to hire each other! This is the place for you to lean into support from your peers and built your network for client referrals!

Community: Insights, Breakthroughs & Ideas on every call!

FIRST 5 Member Rachel Thompson had an idea sparked by another community member and it inspired her to go in a completely new direction with her business! With a background in massage, she NEVER thought she could get paid for design! This community completely changed the trajectory of her business!

Take a Tour of FIRST 5

Videos, Action Guides, Templates, Swipe files, tech training, LIVE training!
We have multiple ways for you to implement based on your learning and implementation style.


Coaching Starter Kit

Coaching Starter Kit

Everything you need to set yourself up like a professional coach! I WISH I had this when getting started... so I made it for you!

  • Sample Intake Form Questions
  • Appointment Confirmation & Reminder Samples
  • Sample Coaching Agreement Template
  • Sample Client Onboarding System
  • Sample Client Tracker Template
  • Sample Client Roster Tracker

Resource & Guide Library

Tech & Guide Library

We like to simplify as much as we can for our members, so we have a library for you to access tech training on things like Google Drive, Zoom, Canva, Acuity (and more) along with powerful coaching guides like Exploring Your Core Values and Core Desired Feelings. We are constantly adding to this library for your go-to resource to build your business foundation!

Onboard your client like a pro

Onboard Your Client Like A Pro

What about when you DO sign your FIRST 5 clients?

We've got you!!! This resource is just the thing you need to welcome your clients in like a professional coach and give you a framework for creating an onboarding process that you can then take and make your own... Just like Bobbie Jo who now has a binder to walk clients through in her own step-by-step process!

Everything included...

  • FIRST 5 Step-by-Step Course (valued at $2000)
  • Two monthly Community Coaching Calls w/ Coach Carly (valued at $997)
  • One Monthly Co-Working Session (Valued at $297)
  • Swipe files and templates so you can have a starting point without starting at a blank page ($197 Value)

1 Payment of $1497

  • Coach Starter Kit to get you set up to enroll and onboard your new clients (valued at $67)
  • Resource Tech & Guide Library with tech training on everything from Zoom to Acuity, Canva, and more! (valued at $997)
  • Exclusive Access to Members-Only Facebook Group (priceless!)

3 Payments of $529

Hear from our members...

Beyond Grateful

FIRST 5 with Carly Clark Zimmer

Found her SPARK and unique niche!

FIRST 5 with Carly Clark Zimmer

Confidence BOOST!

Bria: FIRST 5

Can it be this simple? YES! It Can!

FIRST 5 with Carly Clark Zimmer

Sold FIRST Program EVER!!!

Meg: FIRST 5

Learning a way to create on "Content"

FIRST 5 Carly Clark Zimmer

Felt like a mess... and client still said YES!

FIRST 5 with Carly Clark Zimmer

Perfectly Aligned!

Lauren: FIRST 5

Off the cuff offer and client said YES!

FIRST 5 with Carly Clark Zimmer

Program sold... BOOM!

FIRST 5 with Carly Clark Zimmer

Community Vibes!!!

Anne: FIRST 5

On-boarding her first client!

Carly Clark Zimmer: FIRST 5

Total shift in energy!

Brandi's testimonial

Starting from scratch to paying clients!

I was starting from scratch. Carly walked me through a step-by-step process to help me create programs and bring in PAYING coaching clients by showing me understand exactly what to do.

Throughout that process, I was able to learn what it meant to be and most importantly, feel embodied as a coach and a human being.

Brandi Bissell: FIRST 5

Brandi Bissell

Holistic Coach, Founder of Empowered Healing

I didn't realize this could be easy AND fun!

"I’ve gained so much clarity talking about what I do and what my offer is. I actually get to combine my skills as a writer, creative and coach to deliver amazing programs for my clients and create videos for their business. I didn’t realize it could be this easy- and fun! I now have a clear structure and process to bring my clients through. Everything feels simplified and brings such ease. I also uncovered a pattern that previously held me back. Now, I let it be messy! I’m excited to serve and keep showing up.”

Bobbie Jo   Author, Speaker, Coach

Bobbie Jo

Author, Speaker, Coach

Wow. Just...WOW.

"Making choices and decisions for my business from the energy of how I WANT to feel... this is how ease and flow get to show up. "

Tanya: FIRST 5

Tanya Bodsford

BodyMind Coach

Karyn's testimonial
Rachel's testimonial
Rachel's Testimonial

TOTALLY Infatuated!

"I’m in a new relationship… with Google Drive! Totally infatuated. I felt so damn fancy when I signed up my new client and had a clear and easy process to follow… and I was able to make it my own!"

Dawn Denzin Head shot

Dawn Denzin

BodyMind Coach

Karyn's Testimonial
Group Testimonial
Dawn's testimonial


Q: I want to join but I'm spread thin. Is this the right time for me?

A: I honestly don't expect you to finish FIRST 5 perfectly in 12-Weeks.
In fact... I encourage you to go for a C+ and actually SKIP STEPS! 

*gasps* "But how will I know if I'm doing it right?"

If this program was just about ticking the boxes and completing modules... we would be MISSING THE EMBODIMENT PIECE and what makes YOU unique! This experience is about walking this path together and customizing which pieces will support you and your vision. 

For recovering perfectionists... this is a refreshing relief! 

Q: What is the cost of FIRST 5?

A: We have two payment options: One Payment of $1497, or three payments of $529. You Choose!

Q: When can I join FIRST 5?

A: Right now! You will get access to the program materials as soon as you enroll, and then your 12-weeks begins after our onboarding call so we will have a chance to walk you through how everything works & all the ways you can receive support.

Like Shana! Who started BEFORE she felt READY!

Carly Clark Zimmer: FIRST 5

Q: Do I get lifetime access to FIRST 5?

A: YES! You get lifetime access to FIRST 5 program material. And you get 12 WEEKS access to the community!

Q: How does FIRST 5 work?

A: Once you enroll, you get automatic access to the welcome center. There's a 'Start Here Module' which will walk you through orientation and show you all of the elements of the program and the COMMUNITY! Which is amazing & super supportive!

Carly Clark Zimmer: FIRST 5

Q: How long is the Program?

A: FIRST 5 is 12-weeks and... we have some bonus time built-in for you to implement. Your 12-weeks starts AFTER our onboarding call so we have a chance to walk you though the program.

Q: When are the Calls?

A: We have two Group Calls a month on Thursdays at 10 am EST and one Co-Working Session a month on Thursday at 10 am EST.

Q: How long are the calls?

A: Typically our calls are two hours.

Q: Will the calls be recorded?

A: Yes. All replays will be available to you if you can't make it live.

Q: How much time do I need to devote to the program?

A: This program is for you if you are ready to take your coaching or service-based business to the next level. You'll need about 60-minutes a week to go through the exercises (give or take) and we have two hours blocked out for our calls. The actual length may vary depending on who shows up and the questions you bring- but they will be limited to two hours.

Q: I’m not good at tech! In fact, I’m allergic to it! Will you be able to help me set up the systems I need to put in place?

A: THIS PROGRAM WAS MADE FOR YOU! I get it, I’ve SO been there and that’s why I’ll help you simplify and clarify what you absolutely need to put in place and in what order so that it isn't overwhelming.

We're not just going to cover how-to's in tech... you're going to LEARN how to THINK DIFFERENTLY about tech so that you have the skills to figure out whatever you need to in the future! Plus... we've for email copy samples & templates for you!

Carly Clark Zimmer: FIRST 5

Q: I'm actually good at the tech stuff. Is this program still for me?

A:  If you don't have a waitlist of clients yet, then YES! The tech set up is just ONE aspect of FIRST 5. We also get laser-focused on your marketing message, your ideal client, and your offer. So if those are things you could use support on, come join us! 

Q: What if I’m nervous that I won't follow through?

A: THIS is what the nuts and bolts of the program are all about! Yes, we will get your tech set up, but the real good stuff comes through feeling into your VISION and valuing yourself so that YOU start to believe in you. Self-doubt is a normal feeling, and you will have the support to break out of these limiting thought patterns during our live calls.  

Q: I don’t know where to start, I’m so overwhelmed. How will I know where to begin? 

A: Start by signing up for FIRST 5.  I’m not joking. It really is the best next step… especially if you’re overwhelmed. 

Q: I really want to do this… but I don’t have the time. What are my options?

A: Before you decide that time really is the issue, take a look at your priorities.  If finding clients is a priority right now, I encourage you to find an extra 3 hours in your week (25 mins per day) to make FIRST 5 happen.

Q: Do I have to participate in the Facebook group?

A: No. It IS a place where you can connect with your peers and receive incredible feedback and support. But if social media isn't your thing, I respect that. 

Q: What is the Refund Policy?

A: We stand by this product with 100% confidence and we want you to be 100% satisfied with it. That’s why we provide you a 14-day window to dive into the course. If you put in an honest effort and send us your completed coursework (however much you complete) we’ll happily refund the money.

There are NO REFUNDS past the 14-Day window. No Exceptions. See our Terms and Conditions here.

Q: I’m busy right now, can I join in the future?

A: In 12-Weeks, you could have your systems set up, clarity in who you serve and the confidence to make your offer anytime that aligned client is in front of you. These are the skills that are serving entrepreneurs right now. These are the skills that will stick with you for the rest of your life. Now is the time to set yourself up for ANYTHING that might come our way in the future.

I hope that has answered a few of your questions! If you have others, please email support@carlyclarkzimmer.com.

If you’re willing to take the next step, I’m here to walk right beside you.

I look forward to getting to know you and your business!

A little bit more about your mentor Coach!

Carly Clark Zimmer
Carly Clark Zimmer
Carly Clark Zimmer

Hiya! I'm Carly

I've been coaching since I can remember! And professionally for the past six years. I'm a total digital business junkie and love to learn, listen and create!

I traded in seeing clients in person and an office space that felt heavy for a completely virtual, profitable coaching practice that embodies everything I wished to create in my life (including living in Ireland and traveling the world!).

It not only lets me feel like I’m playing, but I wake up every day knowing I’m truly transforming lives by helping other creatives build businesses that is the true EXPRESSION of who you are!

I’m here to set you on the right path, make your life WAY easier, and help you build your business the RIGHT way (YOUR way!).

And I want to help you save the years that it took me to get here. Because when you clarify and simplify exactly what you need to put in place to step into your aligned vision, that brings results like nothing else will!

When I'm not coaching, I'm hiking somewhere in the Connemara Countryside picking flowers & looking for moss to play in! Or sailing with THE HUB Devin!

I look forward to seeing you inside FIRST 5!

Carly Clark Zimmer

BodyMind Coach & Business Consultant 💛

i'll see you on the inside!

  • FIRST 5 Step-by-Step Course (valued at $2000)
  • Two monthly Community Coaching Calls w/ Coach Carly (valued at $997)
  • One Monthly Co-Working Session (Valued at $297)
  • Swipe files and templates so you can have a starting point without starting at a blank page ($197 Value)

1 Payment of $1497

  • Coach Starter Kit to get you set up to enroll and onboard your new clients (valued at $67)
  • Resource Tech & Guide Library with tech training on everything from Zoom to Acuity, Canva, and more! (valued at $997)
  • Exclusive Access to Members-Only Facebook Group (priceless!)

3 Payments of $529


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